Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ~ Jaycee Bishoujo Statue

New arrivals shipping soon to retailers:


• Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Asuka Kazama Bishoujo statue

• The Dark Knight Returns Batman ARTFX statue

• YuYu Hakusyo Kurama ARTFX J statue

• The Idolm@ster Makoto Kikuchi Ani*statue

• I Don’t Have Many Friends Sena Kashiwazaki Ani*statue

• Total Eclipse Takemikaduchi Type-00F D-Style model kit

• Full Metal Panic! Laevatein D-Style model kit •

 Frame Arms Khanjar Renewal Ver. Fine Scale model kit

Muv-Luv Alternative ~ Takemikaduchi Type-00R D-Style Model Kit

COMMANDER CODY: High Def Images!

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Click here or below to see the gallery!


Koto at New York Toy Fair: Star Wars


X-Force Warpath Fine Art Statue

Toy Fair 2011: Gambit & Elektra by Shunya Yamashita

Wonder Woman by Shunya Yamashita

Bishoujo Illustrations: Catwoman by Shunya Yamashita

Check out a new sketch of Archangel, which will be added to the line of X-Force Fine Art Statues sometime next year!

X-Men Danger Room Sessions Colossus Fine Art Statue BY Kotobukiya Revealed!

Available May, 2011   SRP: $249.99   More information will be posted at soon. Also check out 5 other images at our message boards!

Behind the Scenes: Concept art for our upcoming Gambit Fine Art Statue

Kotobukiya Nominated As a Finalist For 7th Annual Premier Asian Licensing Awards

One Coin Mini Figures

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Toaru Majutsu No Index is an ongoing manga/anime property about students in Academy City that combines different magical traditions with advanced science. Planned by Arima Keitarou, Kotobukiya is proud to present exclusive trading figures of “Figure Animax Otome Gumi Vol. 37” from ASCII Media Works. Now available in an exclusive SD/Chibi style are the Toaru Majutsu No Index ~ Misaka Mori One Coin Mini Figures, based on the popular Misaka Mori and her tale in the spinoff Toaru Kagaku no Railgun! The figures in this set include:• Misaka Mikoto • Accelerator • Last Order • 9 Sisters

Upcoming Series of Ani*Statue

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! From the smash hit anime series Bakemonogatari comes the third in a series of Ani*Statues, the basketball playing Kanbaru Suruga!

CV: Kotobukiya

Check out some shots from Kotobukiya at the Collectors Panel and also the Kotobukiya booth:

100_2475 100_2477  


Marvel Dark Phoenix Bishoujo Statue In Hand Images

Marvel Comics Emma Frost Bishoujo Statue


Star Wars Darth Maul ARTFX Statue


SDCC 10: Koto Booth Images - Click Images for the Full Gallery from our sister site


X-Men Danger Room Sessions Psylocke Fine Art Statue

Kotobukiya Collection Added Dead Pool Fine Art Statue UPDATED IMAGES!

New X-men Danger Room Session – Wolverine at Anaheim Images!

Iron Man 2 Mark IV ArtFX Statue from Kotobukiya on G4

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White Phoenix Bishoujo

Legend Girls ~ Sakai ~ Reviewed On Beach

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Check out Emma Frost’s New Look!

Koto Images from New York Toy Fair 2010



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 “Soap” MacTavish ARTFX Statue



CVI: Q&A With Dan from Kotobukiya


SDCC 2012: KOTOBUKIYA Booth Star Wars Tour with Dan Lujan


Star Wars Celebration VI Exclusive ArtFX+ R2-A6


First In Hand Look Star Wars ARTFX+ Stormtrooper Two Pack


Unboxing Bishoujo Kotobukiya Supergirl


Kotobukiya's Deadpool Statue Review At

Kotobukiya's Rockman ( Megaman ) Model Kit Review


Kotobukya on KUSI news at San Diego Comic Con


Spike.Com Visits Koto Booth At SDCC


Kotobukiya SDCC Video from


Bishoujo Phoenix Marvel Review at

Marvel Bishoujo Phoenix statue by Kotobukiya

Marvel Psylocke Bishoujo Statue In Hand Images

Iron Man Mark IV (Iron Man 2)
Kotobukiya ArtFX Statue at

Iron Man 2 Mark IV statue by Kotobukiya

Click Here to read the review at

C-3PO and R2-D2  Star Wars ARTFX Statue

They are the “Odd Couple” from a galaxy far, far away—a gold-plated Felix and a tin-can Oscar.  Their relationship a symbiotic one, the duo of C-3PO and R2-D2 are frequently depicted together in artwork and sculpture, and many companies have produced interpretations of the inseparable pair through a variety of media.  In the realm of sculpture, however, few pieces have turned out as classy as Kotobukiya’s soft vinyl model kit.  Simple in design and standing atop a themed yet simple display base, this kit is among the most iconic-looking pieces in the ArtFX line, and today’s review takes an extreme close look at this popular two-pack model kit. 

Click Here for the Full Review!

Commander Fox  Star Wars ARTFX Statue 

Wielding his dual DC-17 blasters into battle, Commander Fox (CC-1010) is the latest member in an ever-growing Crayola assortment of clone commanders.  The crimson-marked leader of the Coruscant Guard made his on-screen debut in the theatrical Clone Wars movie when he and his squad rescued Senator Amidala from crimelord Ziro the Hutt, capturing the slug as well. 

Since Fox is not yet as noteworthy as fellow commanders Rex, Cody, and Gree, it is very logical that he be the “go-to” character for exclusive merchandise.  His action figure in the Hasbro line was the Target exclusive, and now Kotobukiya used him as a highly limited addition to their ARTFX+ snap-fit Clone Wars Series 2 assortment.   

Click Here for the Full Review!

Niniane (Art of Shunya Yamashita) Fine Art Bust Collection 

If one were to poll collectors worldwide and ask them what first comes to mind when hearing the name “Kotobukiya”, the terms “vinyl model kits”, “Star Wars”, and “craftsmanship” would most likely constitute the bulk of people’s answers.  For years, Kotobukiya’s largest presence in the western world has been its pre-painted and easy-to-assemble vinyl model kits (ARTFX statues) based upon hot pop-culture licenses with the majority of their products coming from the Star Wars license.  In recent years, Halo, Indiana Jones, and Marvel Comics have joined Kotobukiya’s stables.

 However, Kotobukiya’s entry into the collectibles market did not begin with these hot properties.  It wasn’t even their King Godzilla kit in 1985—their first licensed kit.  No, Kotobukiya’s transition from a retail store into a collectibles manufacturer began in 1983 with products designed in-house.  Twenty-five years later and with a global presence, Kotobukiya continues this tradition of producing products based on original Kotobukiya properties. 

Today’s review showcases the second bust in this series: Niniane, the mythical Lady of the Lake responsible for bringing the sword Excalibur out of the watery depths and into the hands of King Arthur.  KotoCollectors is proud to bring you this in-depth analysis of the Niniane fine art bust—thanks to our sponsor Razor’s Edge Collectibles who graciously contributed a sample of Niniane for this review.

Click Here for the Full Review!

Imperial Scout Trooper (Vinyl Model Kit) 

Seemingly taking a cue from his hot-rodding youth, George Lucas amped up the adrenaline level in Return of the Jedi with the introduction of a new high-speed Imperial craft and a specialized soldier to pilot it—the Imperial Speeder Bike with Biker Scout Trooper.  These reconnaissance troopers underwent rigorous training to be not only highly self-sufficient and independent but also to work effortlessly as part of a two-man team. 

While unfortunately seeing little screen time and confined to only one action set piece, the Imperial Scout Troopers made an indelible mark on the minds of Star Wars fans and collectors, and several higher-end collectibles depicting them have been produced—most notably Sideshow’s massive $800 mixed media statue.

Click Here for the Full Review!

Undeniably, the Star Wars universe is a deeply embedded facet of modern global pop culture, but the films alone cannot take full credit for this.  Star Wars’ endurance on the cultural radar owes just as much (if not more) to its gargantuan merchandising machine.  For many years, that machine was powered predominantly by Kenner and Hasbro’s 3.75 scale toy lines. 

In the wake of the Original Trilogy Special Editions and the prequels, Star Wars merchandising exploded exponentially beyond its previous confines and expanded into areas such as high-end replicas, sculptures, and artwork. 

Additionally, the international market (specifically Asia) took a more mainstream role through the involvement of companies like Tomy, Medicom, and Kotobukiya.  Of those three, Kotobukiya and its artists have made the most impressive mark with their highly detailed and dynamic ArtFX soft vinyl model kits. 

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Star Wars Action Figure List

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